It was a really difficult decision. The entries for our recipe competition were all so excellent that it was almost impossible to rank them. Who knew that there were so many talented cooks out there?

The task was to come up with exciting ways to prepare a traditional food so as to encourage modern Zimbabweans to eat more locally sourced products. We have three winners and several runners-up in the competition. We will feature all of the submitted recipes on our website.

In first place we have Annette Eastwood who supplied an unusual way to prepare sorghum based on the Indian style idli – a savoury bread often eaten in Southern Indian households at breakfast time. Annette substituted sorghum meal for lentils (in the original recipe), soaked them in lacto and came up with a semi fermented dough which was then mixed with spices and baked in tin to make a tasty bread.

In second place we have Peta Searl who submitted two recipes. One for Nyimo bean shakshouka (beans cooked with poached eggs and vegetables) and one for cowpea pancakes cooked with coconut.

In third place we have Real Foods who also submitted two recipes – one for Twice baked butternut with popped amaranth and one for Nyimo and pumpkin curry. Yum!

Runners up were:

Ruvimbo Chidora who submitted recipes for Lasagne with muboora (pumpkin leaves),  Bonongwe (Amaranth leaf) tart, Jamaican-style Amaranth leaves, Amaranth soup, Muboora (pumpkin leaf) dip and Mongongo Waldorf Salad.

Constance Gumpo who submitted recipes for kapenta fritters and Sekayi Munemo with Caroline Jacquet who submitted recipes for Marula nut shortbread, Marula nut pie, Chicken, sweet potato and peanutbutter stew and Rosella teas (hot and iced).

Well done and thank you to all who participated!

The recipes will be posted soon.