A Recipe for Good Health

This article is adapted from a publication by the Zimbabwe Traditional and Organic Food Forum called Eat Well – Live Well – The Good Food Booklet, produced in 2015. You only get one body so it is vital to take care of it. Our bodies tell us when we are hungry but unfortunately not what kind … Read more

Dried Food Delights

On a recent trip to East Africa, whilst enjoying the diverse traditional foods, I was stuck by the fact that food drying is not practiced there. Here in Zimbabwe, food drying is a celebrated culinary art and people will pay higher prices in markets for some dried vegetables (such as cowpea leaves, nyemba) than fresh ones. It … Read more

Cooking Culture in the Post Modern World

Preserving Our Cooking Culture In The Modern World Cooking is a tradition to many cultures and often regarded as the thread binding together Zimbabwean homes. I was initiated into cooking by my mother but she never knew until later that my friends and I used our mother’s lessons to coach each other during “mahumbwe”- a … Read more

Our Magnificent Indigenous Fruits

As a child, I rarely spent weekends at home but rather in woodlands, by grazing pastures, playing games or swimming and gliding in Rusape river. I longed for moments when after all this, we would go to pick wild fruits from the nearby bushes. Shambahuro, Masekesa (Piliostigma thonningii), Magwingwiziri, Hubva (Vitex payos), Matohwe (Azanza garckeana), Chechete … Read more