Finger Millet Roti with Cowpea Curry

Many ingredients are shared by both African and Asian cuisine. Two examples are finger millet and cowpeas. Try the recipes below for a healthy, tasty meal. Finger Millet Roti Roti is a type of Indian flat bread. It contains no yeast. Finger millet rotis are gluten-free. They make a tasty snack or accompaniment to a … Read more


A nutritious mixed grain dish which can be served as a snack or accompaniment. Ingredients 1 cup sorghum, ½ cup groundnut, ½ cup cowpeas; or 1 cup maize, 1 cup cowpeas, 1 cup groundnuts; or 1 cup cowpeas, 1 cup nyimo, 1 cup groundnuts, 1 cup sorghum; Instructions After soaking the grains overnight boil them … Read more

Taro (Madumbe) Chips

Ingredients 3 medium washed and peeled sweet potatoes 300g taro flour or tsenza flour 3 large eggs 3 medium ripe tomatoes 4 shallots or leeks ½ teaspoon garlic powder 175g grated cheese Vegetable oil for frying Salt to taste Instructions Grate sweet potatoes in a bowl; squeeze as much moisture from them as you can … Read more

Chimodo Bread

This traditional bread is usually baked on hot coals in a cast iron frying pan with a lid. Ingredients 1 cup sweet potato or cassava flour, 1 cup maize/ sorghum or millet flour, 1 cup wheat flour, 2 standard size eggs, 1-heaped teaspoon salt, Half a teaspoon baking soda, Water as required, Sugar to taste. Method … Read more

Usavi Powder Mixes

Instead of buying gravy mixes, soup powders or stock cubes, which probably contain all kinds of unhealthy additives, you can easily make your own using a wide range of dried ingredients such as: Dried vegetables Made using the method described in our article on drying delights: tomato, onion, chili, mufushwa (nyemba, mbora, nyeve, dedere or … Read more

Baobab Drink

Recipe from Community Technology Development Trust  Ingredients 200g baobab powder 1 teaspoon ginger powder ½ cup hot water 2 tablespoons lemon juice Sugar to taste 1 litre lacto (sour milk) Grated zest of 1 lemon Directions Place the baobab and ginger powders in a bowl, add hot water and stir to dissolve. Add the lemon … Read more

Sweet Potato Juice

Recipe from Kufunda Village Ingredients 3 cups peeled, cooked sweet potatoes 1 ½ cups sugar Fresh lemon juice to taste Water as needed (about 3 cups) Directions Wash, peel and cut sweet potatoes into small chunks. Boil until soft. Puree the cooked sweet potato using a blender or a wooden spoon. Juice the lemon(s). In … Read more

Sweet Potato Scones

Recipe from Kufunda Village Ingredients 1 cup sweet potato flour 1 cup self-rising flour 1 heaped teaspoon baking powder 150g margarine ½ cup sugar 1 large egg 1 cup milk ¼ teaspoon salt Directions Cream together the margarine and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the egg and mix thoroughly. Add the milk and stir … Read more

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Recipe courtesy of Chef Kuchi Ingredients 3 sweet potatoes 1 ½ dried wild mushrooms 1-3 chilies, chopped and seeded 1 bunch pumpkin leaves, cleaned 1 medium onion 4 tomatoes, chopped ½ cup sesame seeds Oil for frying Salt and pepper, to taste Directions Heat the oven to 180°C and roast the sweet potatoes for an … Read more

Zimbabwe Risotto with Pumpkin

If you are trying to think of something a little different to do with African brown rice try this recipe adapted from using local ingredients. Risotto is a traditional Italian dish and can be adapted to produce a delicious, balanced meal cooked in one pot. The type of rice used is important. It needs to have … Read more