Andrew Mambondiyani

Andrew Mambondiyani is an award winning independent journalist based in Zimbabwe with more than 10 years journalism and media consultancy experience. Between 2010 and 2011 he served as a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at Massachusetts institute of Technology (USA). In 2008 he served as a Middlebury Environment Journalism Fellow in USA. His journalism work has appeared in various local and international media organisations including Thomson Reuters Foundation (UK), BBC (UK), Yale E360 (USA), Think Africa Press (UK), SciDev.net (UK), Centrepoint Now (USA) and Opendemocracy.net (UK) among others. He has a special interest in climate change, agriculture, sustainable development and the environment in general.

Anna Brazier

Anna Brazier is the editor of Naturally Zimbabwean. She was born in Zambia but has lived most of her life in Zimbabwe. She has a BSc in Ecology and an MSc in Sustainable Development and works as a consultant promoting sustainable agriculture, nutrition, traditional foods and community resilience in Africa and beyond. She lives in Harare with her husband and three children.

Caroline Jacquet

Caroline Jacquet, though not indigenous to Zimbabwe, considers herself naturalised. She studied Forestry and Natural Resources Management in Leuven, Belgium and arrived in Zimbabwe in 2002, to work for the World Agroforestry Centre. She’s since worked for the Zimbabwe Adding Value to Sustainable Agriculture Produce (ZAVSAP) network and KAITE and is the Project Manager at Bio-Innovation Zimbabwe (BIZ) since 2013. BIZ researches mostly indigenous plants for their commercial potential. If she had to tag her work experience and interests, she’d say: plants, conservation, sustainable use, income-generation, value-addition, small-scale producers, local foods. She’s been organising yearly traditional food festivals since 2010, first with ZAVSAP and since 2013 with the Zimbabwe Traditional and Organic Food Forum. When not busy with natural (food) products, Caroline likes to read her Kindle in the sun and walk her dogs (and husband) in the Christon Bank hills.

Charlene Chisvo

Charlene Chisvo studied at the University of the Free State. She works at Bio-Innovation of Zimbabwe and brings about consumer awareness of under utilised crops in Zimbabwe. She has written articles in various magazines in Zimbabwe.

Constance Gumpo

Constance Gumpo was born and bred in France, the country of good food! She came to Zimbabwe 10 years ago when meeting her husband and started working for a renowned safari operator in the Northern part of the country. The challenge was to cook in the bush, on the open fire for international guests coming on safari. She soon decided to incorporate local and natural ingredients in a constant effort to develop and promote an identity to Zimbabwe's cuisine! She has more recently been involved with a local NGO, assisting them to raise awareness of local and natural ingredients through promoting traditional foods with a twist!

Cordialis Msora-Kasago

Cordialis Msora-Kasago is a Zimbabwean nutritionist and blogger with a passion for healthy eating and traditional foods. She trained as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) in the US and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences from California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) as well as a Master’s in African Area Studies (Public Health emphasis) from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). To find out more visit her website http://theafricanpotnutrition.com/

David Brazier

David Brazier is a Zimbabwe-based professional photographer specialising in development work and documenting the arts. He has exhibited his own art works locally, regionally and internationally. David enjoys cooking, gardening and camping.

Francis Mukoyi

Francis Mukoyi is a plant breeder with the Department of Research and Specialist Services currently attached to the Cotton Research Institute, Kadoma. He has over ten years experience, specializing in the co-ordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects on the development, evaluation, release and seed multiplication of crop varieties. He has also been involved with training communal farmers on community-based seed systems. Francis has worked with a number of self-pollinating crops and has enjoyed exploring the rich but unfamiliar territory of indigenous rice varieties. He has been instrumental in the release and registration of three upland rice varieties to Zimbabwean farmers.


Ivy Kapora

Ivy K. Kapora is the Marketing Manager for Speciality Foods of Africa (www.specialityfoods.co.zw). She holds a degree in Media and Society Studies and a diploma in Public Relations. Ivy is passionate about the development of rural value chains into sustainable social enterprises. She previously worked for ZimMarketer Magazine, a marketing magazine for the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, as an editor before joining SFA. Ivy is based in Harare with her partner Eugene and daughter Nyasha.

Jeffrey Gogo

Jeffrey Gogo is an award-winning climate change and environmental journalist and columnist with The Herald, Zimbabwe's biggest daily. He has wide ranging experience in financial and business journalism having served as The Herald's Deputy Business Editor for two years until 2008. Between 2003 and 2008, Gogo wrote extensively on Zimbabwe's financial markets, economy, corporate news, mining news as well as covering international assignments.   Gogo has corresponded for a U.S based financial news website, 123jump.com, where he gained valuable experience covering the U.S, U.K, and Japanese stock markets including respective company financials.   Gogo diversified into climate change journalism in 2011. In 2012, he helped found an environmental publication,  iGreen Magazine, as editor. Gogo also contributes for Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Jocelynne Lake

Jocelynne Lake was born in Zambia and moved to Zimbabwe when she was a child, so considers herself Zimbabwean. She majored in Geography and Geology at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. After university, she backpacked and worked in Europe for a year. Bitten by the travel bug, she came back to Zimbabwe and started working in the Travel industry until her second child was born. More recently, Jocelynne has become increasingly interested in diet and food and how the foods we eat can affect our health. She currently sells,mostly healthy, baked goods at the Farmers' Market in Alexandra Park twice weekly. She is also passionate about spending time in nature at any opportunity. Jocelynne lives in Harare with her children.

John Wilson

John Wilson works with community-based organisations and regional or continental networks in east and southern Africa to facilitate a stronger African food movement that benefits rather than exploits small-scale farmers and their communities.

Natsayi Nembaware

Natsayi Nembaware is Zimbabwean nutritionist who was raised in a village in Manicaland. She has 15 years of experience as a nutritionist, five of which she worked for the Ministry of Health and Child Care at district, province and headquarters in Zimbabwe. She has been an active member of various taskforces and committees that develop national policies, strategies and guidelines for health and nutrition. Her interests are preservation of nature, indigenous/traditional diets, sustainable nutrition solutions, disease prevention and interplay between nutrition, agriculture, water and health. She believes in the creator and finds enrichment from the perfection, purity and peacefulness of creation including humanity. She follows closely international and national events and how these influence nutrition choices of individuals and populations. Natsayi delights in nature walks, gardening, knitting, sewing.

Nyarai Kurebgaseka

Nyarai Kurebgaseka is a Biochemist who has worked in Natural Products Research and Development since 2000. She has developed a number of commercial products which include cosmetic oils, food oils, essential oils, wild fruit jams, pharmaceutical ingredients and food ingredients among others all derived from wild harvested plans. Her fascination with plants and their properties along with her scientific background is what has contributed towards the development of her career. She is recognised as one of Zimbabwe’s leading entrepreneurs in natural products.

Richie Gunner

Richie Gunner was born in pre-Independent Zimbabwe. After leaving school he spent several years in the UK working in various agriculture-related jobs and developed an interest in photography and Mycology. Richie returned to Zimbabwe in the heady, booming post-Independence 80’s and spent a few wonderful few years at the Cotton Research Institute in Kadoma. Since then he has worked in various plant nurseries and at the Permaculture Institute. In 2007 he embarked on a backyard Shiitake Black Forest mushroom project. From 2006 - 13 he was responsible for managing the grounds at the British Ambassador’s residence. He currently works as a freelance landscape consultant and photographer. His latest on-going project is developing an exciting water feature on a beautiful indigenous kopje in Harare.

Sara Davies

Sara Davies is the founding editor of Harare News (www.hararenews.co.zw), the only community newspaper for Zimbabwe's capital. However her interest in local food is strong. She ran an organic market gardening in London and has a passion for producing, consuming and promoting local food, especially that grown by small scale growers. She also administers the Food Matters mailing list. She grew up in Harare, has lived much of her life here and is now growing a small family.

Teresa Mungazi

Teresa Mungazi has worked as Business and Biodiversity Officer at Environment Africa for more than two years. She holds an Honours Degree in Applied Environmental Science from the University of Zimbabwe. She is a member of the Zimbabwe Organic Food Forum Coordination Team and aspires to run a social enterprise that promotes sustainability and healthy living.


Webmaster and site admin for Naturally Zimbabwean. Managing director of Wild Mercury that designs, builds and manages websites and apps for clients around the world.

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